Healthy behaviour change made simple

Be the person you always wished to be. Healthier. Happier. More relaxed. It all starts with a tiny seed that you plant today.


Built Around Your Needs

At Doti, we ask detailed questions and listen to your needs to help us support you 100%. We empower and motivate you. We leverage our expertise to help you build your health behaviour change plan, you set your own goals, you achieve your milestones!

No more wishing - come make it happen!

What We Offer

We look at each determinants of health in detail: diet, exercise, sleep, mental health, socialness, and your environment - and come up with a system to improve each of them little by little. By focusing on your lifestyle factors and taking an integrated approach, Doti will help you recognize what works best for you.

Motivating yourself is hard! Therefore we provide you with a personal health coach who will ensure you set achievable milestones and reach them at your own pace. With Doti, you have a trusted expert friend to guide you on your journey.

We help you achieve your goals at your own pace. Want to lose weight? Want to run the next marathon or get back into the football team? Whatever your goals, our mission is help you achieve them, at your pace. Our success depends on yours.