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Discovery Questions (Full Set)
We are building a tool to help clinicians like you to make behaviour change sustainable and easy for your patients. Answers to these questions will help us design the tool in a way that saves you time and energy while improving patient outcomes. This is a secure link and your data will not be shared externally. We will use these responses to inform product research and development only.

Section 1: Your clinic & client management

There are 10 questions in this section. Questions in this section focus on the day-to-day logistics of your clinic and your client management process.
For example, physiotherapist, dietician, nutritionist, health coach, wellness coach, mental health therapist, psychologist, sleep therapist, weight loss therapist, life coach, etc.)
For example, do you ask clients lots of questions and they answer them, do you mostly listen, do you do physical exams, do you ask clients to demonstrate things for you, do you go over materials (documents, video, etc.) together, or something else?
For example, clients are emailed a PDF of a mood diary to complete or asked to keep a diet record, etc.
For example, check-in via text message after the first consultation and occasionally answer questions via text and WhatsApp, or use a custom messaging app/service to communicate with clients regularly.
X out of 100 clients who start the program quit before completing it.

Section 2: Client engagement & behaviour change

There are 6 questions in this section. Each question comes with a set of examples - please read the examples to clarify what details you can put into your responses, the more details the better!
For example, where do you get clients from (word of mouth, online bookings, ads on social media, walk-ins, etc.), do they answer a set of questions pre-consultation, what happens during the first consultation, do you develop a program jointly with the client or have a full program developed for them, etc.? Please walk us through each part of the client journey in as much detail as possible.
For example, which treatment note-taking software do you use, how much do you pay for it, what does it help you do (take treatment notes, message with clients, send SMS/email reminders, book sessions, etc.)? Do you use any other tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp, SMS messaging, or other bespoke tools? Again, please provide details.
Do you help them change behaviour by sending reminders, nudging during consultations, do you provide educational materials they can read/watch, do you track progress and if so, what do you use to do that? If you use any tools to do this, please list them here (if you have not already above).
For example, these could be factors within someone’s clinical history or their personality type or details from your initial consultation which help you understand whether one intervention will work for a particular client versus another intervention. If you’d like someone to exercise more, how do you determine whether to ask them to go to the gym more often or to play with their dog more often (i.e. the type of intervention might determine whether they are compliant or not)?
For example, do you assign one intervention and wait for a few weeks to see the results and determine impact then assign another intervention or do you assign multiple interventions in parallel, how do you measure client outcomes - is this self-reported or do you use other metrics, what are these metrics, do you incorporate client goals into this decision-making?

Section 3: About you (last section)!

We would love to know more about you. These details are kept in strict confidence, in accordance with GDPR regulations and are only used for the purposes of data analysis. These are neither shared nor used for any other purpose.