Doti is your personal health coach

You deserve to live out your fullest potential. With Doti, now you can.

Tell us about your habits

During Assessment, we ask you a set of questions related to your lifestyle. Your responses will help us understand your habits and goals better. Using your personalized information, we will create a draft health behaviour change plan for you, which you can finalise during your consultation.

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Book an initial consultation

If you are not sure health coaching is for you, try it for a month – all on us! You can also choose a 30-minute session if you already know a health behaviour change coach is right for you. Regular 30-minute sessions are £50 each.

Build your success roadmap

Using your Assessment results, your coach will work with you to build a success roadmap that best meets your goals, all online! You are now fully plugged into the Doti system – we will help you manage your health, listen to your worries, and provide tips and suggestions on a regular basis. Your coach will review your health behaviour change plan, track your progress, and move you towards your milestones, bringing you closer to your goals through continuous support.


Continue to improve

Your clinical team is your support system for life! Doti will provide you with continual health coaching that expands beyond your time-bound goals. We will help you optimise your health and life to help you reach your fullest potential!