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Section 1: Your clinic & client management

There are 10 questions in this section. Questions in this section focus on the day-to-day logistics of your clinic and your client management process.
For example, physiotherapist, dietician, nutritionist, health coach, wellness coach, mental health therapist, psychologist, sleep therapist, weight loss therapist, life coach, etc.)
For example, do you ask clients lots of questions and they answer them, do you mostly listen, do you do physical exams, do you ask clients to demonstrate things for you, do you go over materials (documents, video, etc.) together, or something else?
For example, clients are emailed a PDF of a mood diary to complete or asked to keep a diet record, etc.
For example, check-in via text message after the first consultation and occasionally answer questions via text and WhatsApp, or use a custom messaging app/service to communicate with clients regularly.
X out of 100 clients who start the program quit before completing it.

Section 2: About you

We would love to know more about you. These details are kept in strict confidence, in accordance with GDPR regulations and are only used for the purposes of data analysis. These are neither shared nor used for any other purpose.